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Y4 Project | INDA

Instructor - Aj. Michal Jurgielewicz

With impulses to project presence of sovereignty and control over the arctic sky and sea, Polar nations together with networks of drones and surveillance machines are constantly advancing remote sensing performance to inspect and monitor their hybrid ecosystem and territory productivity. NULUU is a virtual community developed by the Arctic Union that simulates ecosystems and assets in possession within the arctic circle, providing accessibility to land resources and spatial data. Augmentation of the geopolitical hardware offers an ability to optimize parameters factored for economical and ecological resilience. Players share, invest, trade, build, play, socialize and explore the world through a new monetary proposal over the open-source networked economies. Users offer gifts, make requests, and get recorded on what has been given. The network asks each member to provide a profile listing what he or she wishes to give and to receive and then rates the transaction ratings as a reward after the gift exchange in the form of a reputation token. Value of the token is substituted by land unit reserves backed with the territory of the arctic. In a similar manner to the indigenous inuit model of exchange, the open-source software P2P technologies allow a community to envision projects, coordinate talents, and recognize the contributions of its members, all without using money but the quality and quantity of contributions. The platform will act as an intermediary between the world and the arctic circle community, neutralizing the cost and sustaining ecological property effectively as environmental conditions are now applied for jurisdiction.

Y4_AD5_Michal Jurgielewicz_Supanat Chaiyanopakul_-08.jpg
Y4_AD5_Michal Jurgielewicz_Supanat Chaiyanopakul_-09.jpg
Y4_AD5_Michal Jurgielewicz_Supanat Chaiyanopakul_-10.jpg
Y4_AD5_Michal Jurgielewicz_Supanat Chaiyanopakul.jpg
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Y4_AD5_Michal Jurgielewicz_Supanat Chaiyanopakul_-01.tif
Y4_AD5_Michal Jurgielewicz_Supanat Chaiyanopakul_-06.tif
Y4_AD5_Michal Jurgielewicz_Supanat Chaiyanopakul_-03.tif
Y4_AD5_Michal Jurgielewicz_Supanat Chaiyanopakul_-02.tif
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